‘Does Renewable Energy …’ (FAQ Guide)

This is a short guide answering some of the most commonly asked ‘Does Renewable Energy … X’ questions.


Does Renewable Energy Cost More, Or Less?

Cost of renewable energy is different to the price of electricity supplied by renewable energy sources. 

We’ve published guides on both:

The Cost Of Renewable Energy

Does Renewable Energy Make Electricity Cheaper Or More Expensive


Does Renewable Energy Work?

This is a broad question.

We might answer it by looking at what renewable energy is used for mainly right now, and seeing how reliably it performs at that use.

Renewable energy, right now, is used far more widely for electricity generation and consumption, than it is for transportation or heating/cooling (where fossil fuels are still dominant in both of these sectors).

In terms of the electricity sector, renewable energy is used on a commercial/utility level, but also residentially on individual household setups.

On the utility/power grid level, we’ve put this guide together on how reliable renewable energy is in providing electricity compared to fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Further to that, you may be wondering if renewable energy is something that can continue to expand to eventually provide 100% of our energy or electricity.

You can read this guide that explores if renewable energy can eventually replace fossil fuels, meet demand and power to world.


Does Renewable Energy Create Jobs?

There’s two relevant guides we’ve published on this question:

Does Renewable Energy Create More Jobs Than Fossil Fuels?

How Many Jobs Does Renewable & Clean Energy Create?


Does Renewable Energy Cause, Or Reduce Pollution?

Renewable energy does cause some environmental pollution and environmental issues.

Specific renewable energy sources may also use more construction materials too.

But, overall, renewables seem to cause a lot less pollution than fossil fuels, especially air and water pollution.

Read more about the environmental and other benefits of renewable energy in this guide.


Does Renewable Energy Produce Greenhouse Gases & Carbon Dioxide?

There’s two relevant guides on this question:

How Much Carbon & Greenhouse Gas Each Energy & Electricity Production Source Emits (Carbon Footprint)

Which Energy Source Is The Most Dangerous/Harmful, & Which Is Safest?


Does Renewable Energy Save Money?

There’s two areas that this question applies to:

– Whether renewable energy saves households money that install a renewable energy system on their property, such as a solar panel and storage battery setup

This answer would depend on multiple factors such as the installation cost, the maintenance cost, feed in credits, tax implications, electricity prices in the city/State, and so on.

It would be a case by case basis


– Whether renewable energy saves money on the State or National level in terms having a cost effective and affordable energy and electricity system

We’ve answered that question in the ‘Cost of Renewable Energy’ guide linked to above.


Does Renewable Energy Run Out?

We’ve put together a couple of guides that answer this question:

Why Different Energy Sources Are Renewable

Is Renewable Energy Sustainable?



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