How To Know What Grows Best In Your Geographic Area &/Or Climate Zone

We’ve already written a guide about how to know what might grow in your soil and garden.

But, this guide is about what might grow best in your geographic area &/or climate zone.


What Might Grow Well In Your Geographic Area &/Or Climate Zone

Geographic Area

Each area in the world has different soil, and has different topography.

If you have reasonably flat land to grow on you shouldn’t have to worry about too much in terms of topography.

If you have sloped land, you will have to either plant things that can grow on sloped areas, or build in some stepped garden beds.

In terms of different soils in different geographic areas – read this guide that outlines how to identify the soil on your land.

Note that soil can differ in different locations on one plot of land – so test in sample areas all over the land.

Once you’ve identified the soil, read this guide about what grows well in different soils and how to work with different soils.


Local/Regional Climate Zone

The climate i.e. the temperature (max and minimum temperatures, and temperature across the different seasons), average rainfall and wind patterns – can all differ from country, to state, to locality.

The climate can have a big impact on both the soil and plant life in an area.

Different soils react differently to different climates, and different types of plant life will have different climate and soil conditions they grow best in.

To find out what grows best in your local climate, you can look into the following things:

Visit your local gardening supply shop, or nursery

The people that work here are usually knowledgeable or experienced in the local climate and can help you out with information on what might have worked for them


Check out the plant hardiness zone you live in

Via a site like

The limitation to plant hardiness zones is that they usually only take into account average lowest temperature, and this isn’t the only factor that impacts plant growth


Check out a site like

Sites like this can make suggestions on the type of plant life that grows in your region based on different criteria, including climate


Do a search engine search

For ‘plants that grow in [insert your city]’, or [insert your city] fruit and vegetable planting calendar’.

You should get suggestions for different plant life that grows in your area and the seasons to plant them in


Just grow plant life that grows anywhere and is versatile in different climates and conditions

Some plant life is very versatile and hardy, whilst others need very specific climates.

Picking hardy vegetable, fruits and plant life to grow gives you more flexibility.


*Note that the above just takes into consideration soil type and climate.

There are many other factors that contribute to plant growth – soil pH and amount of water required by each plant being two examples.

Read more in this guide about all the factors that impact plant growth.









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