How Individuals & Society Might Use Water More Efficiently & Sustainably

It makes sense to want to use water more efficiently and sustainably, as it can help in addressing a number of water issues.

Using water more efficiently and sustainably can be done in a number of ways and across a number of areas.

In this guide, we look at how water might be used more efficiently and sustainably on both an individual level, and a wider society based level.


Summary – How We Can Use Water More Efficiently & Sustainably (As Individuals, & As A Society)

Although it differs depending on the individual, and the city/town or country in question, some general solutions might include:


As Individuals:

– Food & Food Waste

The main area by a significant margin that individual have the ability to impact their personal water footprint.

This could involve consuming foods with a lower water footprint, and reducing food waste.


– Products & Services We Use

Involves buying less products and services, buying products and services with a lower water footprint, and being more efficient when using products and services (such as buying a water efficient dishwasher for example)


– Direct Water Use

Involves using less water around the house for bathing, cleaning, the garden and outdoors, washing, and so on.


As A Society:

– Agriculture

Specifically irrigation is a big user and waster of water in agriculture.

Irrigation can be used far more effectively in agriculture.


– Industry

Power generation, and specifically thermal power plants are big users of water in industry.

Water is used both directly and indirectly in industry.

Other industries like textiles and the automotive industry may have scope for improvement in efficient water use.


– Municipal & Domestic

Water can leak before it gets to households, but can also be used more efficiently at the household level, and also by public services in a number of ways.


How We Can Use Water More Efficiently & Sustainably: As Individuals

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How We Can Use Water More Efficiently & Sustainably: As A Society

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Sustainable Use & Management Of Water In General

We’ve listed the different ways to sustainably manage and use water that can be applied generally across each major sector in society


Something that should be noted is that sometimes there is no low water use alternative to a high water use option, or, saved water can’t be used elsewhere.

So, saving water and being more efficient with water isn’t always an option, or, doesn’t necessarily have an opportunity to use saved water for something else.  






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