What ‘Better Meets Reality’ Is About

Better Meets Reality explores issues relating mainly to the topic of sustainability


Specific Topics On ‘Better Meets Reality’

Beyond the broad generalisation of sustainability, specific topics that are covered might include but aren’t limited to:

  • The natural environment (& space)
  • Natural & man made resources
  • The economy
  • Society, social issues, the systems across society, the things we do on a daily basis, & things generally impacting humans
  • Animals, wildlife, & other living things

Another way to summarise the above might be: ‘The Environment (& Space), The Economy, Society & Humans, & Animals & Wildlife’


Our Experience, Achievements & Knowledge In Sustainability

We’ve been researching and publishing information in the ‘sustainability field’ for over 5 years now (since we first published in 2018)

At this point of time, we’ve consumed information published in thousands of different reports and sources relating to the topic of sustainability (and related topics).

Some of these reports and sources are listed in the ‘sources’ lists of our content. 


Since we started:

– We’ve been mentioned by, referenced or cited by, or our research/information has been used by a range of individuals & recognised organisations or institutions

Examples include universities and colleges, other education organisations (like schools), researchers (in research journals), submissions to governments by groups or individuals, companies and corporate entities, other professional groups or entities, and more


– Our research and information has been generally consumed or used by a range of individuals and groups

Such as others in the ‘sustainability field’, others outside the ‘sustainability’ field, students and teachers/educators, and people generally interested in learning more about, or consuming information about sustainability &/or related topics


What We Look To Do With Our Content

We look to better understand different issues, consider improvement, or consider how they interact and relate with each other.

We also look at potential tradeoffs to be made between different decisions we make across society.

Our information is a collection and refinement of other information, combined with our own developed and unique knowledge

The information we provide is not definitive, but rather another informed viewpoint to add to the other informed viewpoints available in the public forum.


What The Name ‘Better Meets Reality’ Means

The term ‘Better Meets Reality’ is a representation that there are usually challenges and limitations, tradeoffs, and also competing interests and priorities that come with decisions on almost any issue across society.

These different decisions can affect a range of parties (like individuals, groups, wider society, the environment, and so on) in different ways.

We acknowledge that ‘perfect’ solutions or ‘fully complete’ solutions to some issues & problems don’t exist, so instead of looking for a perfect solution, a solution that considers all pros and cons and makes the best of the reality of the problem is more practical.

We try to look at what is happening to create a problem, and what the different outcomes might be when different decisions are made to approach or address that problem.

For this reason, any ‘solutions’ mentioned on the site might be considered exploratory rather than definitive.

We try to update information and data as it becomes available in the future.

This may mean that previous interpretations or best practices in approaching a certain problem can eventually be superseded, so, we try to stay somewhat detached from previous positions or assumptions.


Disclaimer About Consuming Content Online

Consumers of information should do their own due diligence and independent research before acting on the information they consume online, and use their own discretion as to what they do with any information they consume.

Although our best effort has been made to provide accurate and up to date information, information can either be different at it’s source, or change over time, so, always cross check original sources of information for accuracy at the time you consume content..

The information on this site and that appears anywhere under the ‘Better Meets Reality’ name is also general information only, and not professional advice or an expert opinion. It is also not a substitute for professional advice or an expert opinion (provided by a qualified professional).


Other Disclaimers

View the ‘Disclaimers’ page on this site for further disclaimers (General Disclaimer, Fair Use Disclaimer, & Affiliate Disclaimer).