7 Tips To Throw A Sustainable Party

Below is a list of potential tips for throwing a sustainable or eco friendly party.

These tips cover invitations, gifts/presents, food, party supplies, and more.

The tips could be applied to different types of parties and celebrations.


1. Consider Sustainable Party Invitations

Physical invitations (made of paper or another material) may end up becoming waste and being disposed of after the party.

To prevent this waste, e-invitations might be an option, whereby you send the party invitations to recipients digitally/electronically.

Send the invitation to an email might be a common way of doing this.


2. Consider Hosting The Party Outdoors, Or In Nature 

If practical and possible, some parties might be held outdoors or in nature.

Having a children’s party in a park, or at a reserve with a playground, might be one example of this.

If doing this though, make sure to plan ahead and make sure of the weather, as well as making sure that the space will be available on the day you need it.

Also make sure to be mindful of waste on the day so that it doesn’t become litter.


3. Consider A More Sustainable Gift/Present

In the instance that someone is celebrating a birthday, or a gift will be involved, consider how the gift can be more sustainable.

A few options to do this might be:

– Buy a gift that you know the person will definitely need or use (so the gift doesn’t get thrown out soon after receiving it, or to prevent it sitting there not being used)

– Consider buying an experience as a gift, instead of a physical product

– If you’re unsure of what that person wants or needs, consider giving the person an e-gift card or voucher, so that they can buy something they want or need, and the gift doesn’t get waste or go unused


4. Consider More Sustainable Wrapping Paper

In the event that the gift will be a physical product or item, consider using more sustainable wrapping paper.

This could involve using:

– Pre used wrapping paper, upcycled or downcycled paper, or some other type of more sustainable paper, such as paper with recycled content in it

– Avoiding the use of packaging tape that has plastic in it, and using string to tie the paper in place instead

– Use a reusable gift bag that hides the present from the recipient, but can be used again after the gift is received


5. Consider Being More Sustainable With Party Supplies

A few ways to potentially be more sustainable with party supplies might be:

– Rent or hire instead of buying where possible

Some party supplies are used once, and then either not used again, or thrown out

One example might be an outfit

It may be possible to hire or rent some party supplies instead of buying, so that they can be used again


– Consider selling or donating leftover usable supplies

Some supplies might be leftover and can be used again

Consider selling or donating these supplies if they are usable


– Use more sustainable alternatives traditional glitter or confetti

There are ‘eco friendly’ glitter and confetti products you can buy that are biodegradable or dissolvable

Other alternatives though might include colored rice granules, colored flower petals,or even the use of bubbles instead


– Reduce the use of balloons

Balloons are obviously made of plastic, and after they are used, they generally become waste

Adding color to a room or venue can be achieved with flowers instead of balloons in some instances


– Consider other eco friendly party supplies where possible

Some party supply stores and sellers have whole ranges of more eco friendly party supplies

It’s worth checking out these ranges to see what is available


– Reduce or avoid the use of other single use party supplies

Such as single use cups, cutlery, plates, straws, and so on

Try to use safe (i.e. cups that won’t break) and reusable/washable cups, cutlery, plates and straws instead

Gifts bags or go-home party bags are another example of party supplies that can become single use waste. Asking guests to bring reusable bags instead might be one way to avoid this 


6. Avoid Food Waste

Parties usually involve food, and/or some type of catering

You can be more sustainable and prevent food waste by only preparing food that you know will get eaten – either at the party, or afterwards

You can take home leftover food from the party in reusable and washable food containers


7. Manage Or Dispose Of Party Supplies, Materials & Waste Properly Afterwards

This might be done in several ways, such as:

– Collecting or packing up reusable party supplies


– Disposing of disposable party supplies properly

One example might be collecting recyclable bottles and cans, and making sure they get put in the recycling bin


– Picking up any waste from the ground to prevent litter




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