Sustainability Tips In The Workplace

In this guide, we identify potential sustainability tips in the workplace.

We identify some of the main types of workplaces, and what the different sustainability considerations in these workplaces might be.


Firstly, What Are Some Of The Main Types Of Workplaces To Consider?

There’s obviously a range of different workplaces.

Each different workplace has different variables to consider, & there’s also different work activities that take place in these different workplaces and environments.

Some of the main types of workplaces might be:

– Commercial offices, home offices (and working remotely), and ‘white collar’ type workplaces

– Worksites (like construction sites), outdoor workplaces (like yards, fields, farms and ranches, etc), and more ‘blue collar’ type workplaces, or workplaces that involve more physical labor

– Transit types of workplaces, like cars, trucks, trains, planes, on boats and ships, and so on

– Other specific types of workplaces like hospitals, bars and hospitality type workplaces, warehouses, and more


Sustainability Tips For The Workplace

General Workplace Sustainability Tips vs Workplace & Industry Specific Tips

Some general workplace sustainability principles might apply to most workplaces

Beyond that though, there might also be sustainability solutions and approaches that apply on an industry specific and workplace specific level.


Sustainability Tips For Businesses In General

Sustainability tips for businesses in a general sense is something we’ve written about in separate guides.

We’ve discussed the various ways businesses might be more sustainable, and also general sustainable business practices.


In one of those guides, there are general sustainability tips and principles that might be applied to many workplaces across different industries and sectors.

Some sustainability principles for one of those guides that might apply to most workplaces and sectors might relate to:

– Sustainable energy use

– Sustainable water use

– Using workplace resources and materials more sustainable

– Minimising waste where possible

– Sorting and managing waste more effectively

– Plus, more


In the other guide, we outline some more ‘meta’ sustainability practices that businesses might consider, such as track sustainability practices and goals, ‘greening’ the supply chain, conducting periodic sustainability audits, sustainability reporting, and more.


Sustainability Tips For The Office

We’ve put together a guide where we list potential sustainability tips for the office.

These tips might be considered specifically for office workplaces, such as commercial offices, and also some home offices.


Sustainability Tips For Other Types Of Workplaces

There’s also a range of other workplaces in different industries and sectors that might require different approaches to sustainability.

For example, there might be different sustainability approaches in health care and hospitals, construction, schools and education facilities, transport (cars, trucks, trains, planes, and on boats), agriculture (on farms and ranches), and a range of other industries.

Picking out two of the above examples, we’ve previously put together guides on sustainable construction and housing, and also sustainable farming practices

It’s outside the scope of this article to assess and provide sustainability tips for all the individual industries and their associated workplaces

But, we can point out that each industry/sector and their associated individual workplaces would each need to have it’s own assessment to determine exactly what the best approach to sustainability is beyond general sustainable principles.


Sustainability Tips For Employers vs Employees

Employers and employees might have some different things to consider when it comes to sustainability in the workplace.

The guides we’ve linked to above cover several of the main things businesses and employers might have to consider, at least in the initial instance.

However, we’ve also put together a separate guide where we outline potential sustainability tips for employees specifically.




1. Various ‘Better Meets Reality’ guides


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